Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friendship Relativism

NaBloPoMo prompt: You're almost there! Tell us how you feel about endings.

I don't like them. I generally just don't deal with them. I don't really tell people goodbye. Whether just leaving relatives at the end of a visit, or coworkers leaving the firm, I'd rather just sneak out without explicitly acknowledging it. 

It's not even so much the "good bye" or ending aspect of it, though, that makes me so uncomfortable. It has more to do with how your greet and say good bye being, in my opinion, an indicator of your relationship with that person. Especially when it's a semi-permanent good bye (like someone leaving their job), I feel like the good bye is an explicit symbol of how close you are to that person.

I'd rather not make that so explicit, to me, the other person, or any bystanders. Being an introvert, I seem to be overly familiar with being closer to people than they are close to me. If that last sentence makes any sense! Basically, if you were to rate how close you are to people, and you and I are a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. For me, that means you're a very close friend, because basically only my mom and boyfriend are above a 6. But for many extroverts, their dozen closest friends are a 9, so to be a 5 with me makes us mere acquaintances to you.

It's not a problem, generally, though. It just means they're a larger percentage of my socializing than I am of theirs. But I don't want to socialize as much as they do, so it all works out. But when it comes to really expressing what someone means to you while saying good bye, then the comparison with others becomes that much more apparent, and can be a bit of a disappointment.

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