Friday, November 29, 2013

Commemorative Coin Ornament

If you're like me, you've recently started to think about ideas for Christmas gifts. Keeping in mind the recipient's preferences, I like to tend towards things that are eco-friendly, reused or reusable, and sentimentally meaningful.

I've also been trying to figure out what to do with the commemorative coin that I got from the Portland marathon. Although it's awesome that they give you a lot of special things at the finish line: I can wear the finishers t-shirt, plant the tree in a pot on my deck, hang the medal on the wall. But what can I do with this?

In the past I've often bought special ornaments for my parents, such as when traveling. Not as the main gift, but just to share a little something of my experience. Finally, it hit me: I could make the coin into a Christmas ornament for my parents, to thank them for their support in achieving this goal.

Supplies Needed

  • Commemorative coin from a special event
  • Ribbon that is approximately the same width as the coin (1/8 inch in this case)
  • Low-temp hot glue gun: Other types of craft glue might work, but I did try tacky glue at first, and it was too slidey on the metal - I couldn't get it to stick long enough to set. You can find basic hot glue guns at craft stores for as low as $10, and they're really useful in a lot of craft projects.
  • Scissors

1. Plug in glue gun to heat up.

2. Cut a piece of ribbon about 18 inches long. The actual length needed = the  circumference of the coin, plus about 6 - 7 inches for the loop and knot, but if you leave some extra, you don't have to worry about getting the coin centered while you're gluing.

3. Apply a short, thin ribbon of glue approximately on the center of the ribbon, and immediately stick on the bottom edge of the coin. You don't have much time before the glue cools! Apply glue in half-inch or less increments, working around each side from the bottom.

4. Once each side is glued within a quarter inch from the top, tie the ribbon into a knot, pulling it tight against the coin. 

5. Tie the ends of the ribbon about 3 inches above the coin, and trim any excess.

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