Sunday, December 1, 2013

K-Basic Week 6


Monday: Stationary bike 10.5 miles (18.0 mph) + K-Basic weeks 5/6 workout 1

Tuesday: 1.5 mile run (11:58 pace) - Eh, better than nothing? I'd actually been looking forward to running all day, but by the time I actually got to it I just felt sluggish.

Friday: 3.1 mile run (11:55 pace)

Sunday: K-Basic weeks 5/6 workout 2 + 1:00 plank

Total biking: 10.5 miles
Total running: 4.6 miles

Family/holiday stuff got in the way of prioritizing workouts for a good chunk of the week. :(

I'm motivated to do some more planks with Barefoot Angie Bee's December plank challenge. One of her tips really stood out to me:

Set a timer for the amount of time you are planking for not a stopwatch to see.  Set the timer!

I always set a stopwatch while doing planks, even if I have a specific time in mind I'm trying to reach. That's silly! I don't (generally) go out for a run and think "I'll just run until I feel like stopping, and then I'll stop." I decide in advance how long I want to run, taking into account what I've done in the past, and make myself do it. Why approach planks differently than any other exercise?

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