Monday, September 30, 2013

Back on Track

Sweet! Lost the tax season weight, plus a little more. Although it's been a while since I last took and recorded all my measurement, I do step on the scale about once a week, so I know I was maintaining for a while and lost most of the current amount in the last month or so. I'm down 12 pounds since I started my measurements spreadsheet, and 19 pounds from my highest ever. My BMI is back in the merely overweight category at 28.9. 


Counting calories. I don't do it consistently everyday, but it's definitely made me more aware of how much I eat - a couple cookies here and there really add up! I'm using MyFitnessPal for this - it's pretty user friendly, and has tons of foods in their database. I wouldn't rely on their estimate of calorie needs based on the weight goals you input though. It won't give you a calorie goal below 1,200, but I think even that is way too low for anyone. I manually set mine at 1,400 plus usually eating back most of what I burn through exercise, which seems to be working.

(My username is pegatha47 if you want to friend me on MFP.)

Getting to the taper phase of marathon training - much less runger! And way less justifying that I can eat anything and everything want because "I just ran xx miles!"

Also related to tapering - I'm not sure if there is actually scientific basis for this, but would the stress of 4- to 5-hour runs have put my body into starvation mode, hanging onto fat while I was doing such long training runs?

Starting doing yoga again - went to a 60-minute class once a week for the past month. Without fail, about 24 hours later, I feel my core muscles aching, and think "what did I do?" and then I remember.

Less binging/overeating. I wouldn't go so far as to say I have a binge eating disorder, but I have massively overeaten on occasion, often with an underlying emotional or habitual incentive. As I work through depression and anxiety issues, and just generally become more engaged in living life more fully and participating in hobbies, this is happening less frequently.


My body shape is curvy, but when I gain weight a lot of it goes to my stomach and I become more of a rectangle. Not that any body shape is better than another, but since I know my body's default is to be an hourglass, it bums me out to see that - so it's great to see my waist nipping back in (in spite of the corresponding hassle of finding pants with the right proportionate between waist and hips).

I'm currently wearing pants in size 8 or 10 (the brand of jeans I buy runs a little larger than the brand of dress slacks I wear), but am very close to fitting in a 6 or 8 (at my largest I wore a size 14). Actually, my current work pants are so baggy I have the waist cinched in by an inch or so with safety pins, but the next size down is still a touch too tight to look professional (but the 8 in work pants does technically "fit" in that I can put them on and zip up).

I'm fast[er]! I beat my 5k PR by over 2 1/2 minutes last week. My default, easy-ish running speed if I'm not paying to my pace is a lot faster than it was even a month ago. This is definitely good as I head into the marathon!

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