Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Up and Down and Up

I avoided taking measurements during, and for quite a while after tax season, and then avoided doing the analysis and write up for a while after finally measuring. Back in January, I was doing reasonably well -  down 10 pounds from when I started keeping good records last summer, and down 17 pounds from what I think was my highest ever weight.

Now, I didn't really think I'd lose weight during tax season; the goal was more to not gain weight. For context, I averaged working 55 hours a week in February, 60 - 65 hours a week in March, and 75 and 79 hours for the two weeks in April before tax day. I was also putting time and energy into building a dating relationship that started in January.

What I did accomplish:

  • I ran 154 miles between January 1 to April 15 - an average of just over 10 miles per week. My highest running week was 18.2 miles (just after the March 15 corporate due date, so it's a small dip in work load before quickly ramping back up for the April 15 due date).
  • My pants still fit. Ultimately, especially as I gain more fitness, and thus gain muscle, clothing size and measurements are at least as important as pounds in evaluating health/size/appearance. Granted, my current pants size was starting to get loose, and by the end of tax season it was just fitting. But, it never got too tight!
  • I cut 10 minutes off my post-tax season half marathon from last year.

What I didn't accomplish:

I'm certainly not thrilled with that. But, it makes sense when I look back on things. Although I did more running than ever before during busy season, I completely slacked off on strength training or any other exercise. Eating wise I think I improved slightly over past years (there are a lot of treats available in the kitchen at work), but still ate quite a bit of junk food.

8 pounds seems like a lot to gain over 4 months (I'm still thinking a little of that is leg muscle from so much running? or am I just in denial?). And this puts my BMI just slightly back into the obese category. On the other hand, at least I'm still down (if just slightly) over a year ago. I'm also still down 9 pounds and, more importantly, 3 pants sizes, from my highest ever (18 months-ish ago).

Current focus: strength training and eating. Fewer cookies and ice cream, more apples and carrots.

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