Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

When I saw Abe after doing my long run on Friday, he asked if I'd eaten enough to replace the  calories. Ha! Not a problem. I am plenty hungry after even a medium-distance run, combined with my usual overeating that's led me to be overweight, so fueling with sufficient calories really isn't a problem. At least after a 2 hour run I can easily justify cookies or ice cream that I would eat anyways. Fueling with the most nutritious calories, and balancing proper fueling with weight loss is more of a challenge. 

Today wasn't a strenuous workout (just a short run and strength training), but I did 6 miles last night, so that carried over to a bit more hunger than usual today and more snacking.

Breakfast: Luna Bar, apple, Hi Ball energy drink

Morning snack: Back to Nature crackers and mixed nuts

Lunch: Pad see ew with tofu (homemade with Abe last weekend), key lime shortbread cookies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar (also made with Abe last weekend) (they might have looked more appetizing if not made with whole wheat flour)

Does anyone know where to buy the really wide (like, an inch across) rice noodles that Thai restaurants use in pad see ew? We've looked at two Asian grocery stores (H Mart and Uwajimaya) and the ethnic foods section of three regular grocery stores, and can't find them anywhere! These 1/4-inch-ish ones were the widest we could get.

Afternoon snack: another Luna Bar, pomegranate raspberry green tea

Pre-workout snack: string cheese, Pop Chips

Dinner: LightLife veggie dog, Pop Chips, carrots

Dessert: A couple sugar cookies

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