Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hippie Chick Half 2013

I can think of lots of excuses for how I ran this (it was hot - the high was 84, I didn't do the long runs at the end of tax seasons - too hard to find the time and motivation, my left ankle started twinging again, I ran a 12k race the prior weekend), but I'm not sure any of them are justified. Simply put, I was undertrained. I've done enough half marathons now that it's not really enough to merely finish, and that's all I did, and that's the level of effort I put into training.

Official time: 2:58:48 (13:38 pace)

This is 10 minutes faster than I did Hippie Chick last year (my very first half), 30 seconds slower than my second half, and 6 minutes slower than my current PR (from my third half).

Around mile 6 or 7, during the out and back section of the course - thanks Windy!

Mile Splits
1: 11:55 (yay! if only I'd kept that up)
2: 12:14
3: 12:28
4: 12:36
5: 12:23
6: 12:53
7: 13:10
8: 13:25
9: 13:19
10: 15:14 (I think this was the mile with a bathroom break)
11: 16:12
12: 14:38
13: 14:52
13.1: 13:04 pace (3:24 time for 0.26 mile per my garmin)

In hindsight I do wish I'd switched to the quarter marathon. At 6.55 miles I was around 1:22 (half of my goal time for the half), and still felt good.


  1. If you want a running buddy we are at about the same pace just let me know!

    1. Hi, just sent an email to your RWT email address.


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