Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Laughing Lotus Urban Oasis Kickstarter Project

After going on the first VegNews yoga retreat last year, I sought out somewhere to continue my yoga practice. Previously, I had learned some poses via a book (Dynamic Yoga*), and taken a few classes at various gyms. Despite living so close to the hippy-ness of Portland, I found there weren't very many yoga studios in the suburbs. I go to classes at Blissful Energy Yoga Center occasionally; it's somewhere in between a gym (physical) yoga class and a yoga (spiritual/meditative) yoga class. Once in a while I also make it to SE Portland to the Bhaktishop Yoga Center, which is more of the balance of physical-mental-spiritual. 

With Jasmine at this year's yoga retreat

If I lived in San Francisco, however, I would go to Laughing Lotus - a studio co-founded by Jasmine, the teacher at the yoga retreat. (They also have a studio in New York.) The Laughing Lotus philosophy of conscious living includes veganism - after all, how can you live at peace with the world while still contributing to the horrors of the farming industry? (They don't require anything diet-wise of their students, but teachers in training must take steps towards veganism.)

Laughing Lotus is raising money on kickstarter to build an "urban oasis", adding onto their studio with a vegan cafe and parklet. After hearing Jasmine describe the community it will enhance, I'm much more determined to plan a trip to San Francisco in the near future!

If you have an interest in yoga, veganism, and/or San Francisco, please watch their video and consider donating to their campaign. The project needs to be fully pledged by January 1st in order to be funded.

Note: I am not affiliated in any way with the Laughing Lotus or their kickstarter project; I'm merely spreading the word about a project I believe in and people I care about.

* partner program link

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