Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

I haven't actually been busy this week, but busy enough trying to finish Christmas shopping and run errands before leaving to visit my parents, plus enjoying being lazy now that I don't have a class or training schedule to follow, so I haven't really cooked anything this week. Thus relying on some non-vegan standbys, and a few more treats than might really be appropriate.

(I did have photos in here at one point, and then I was trying to organize my google+ photo albums, and didn't realize that if I had uploaded something directly from google+ to this post, deleting it there would delete it here. I've also changed phones since then, and am having technical difficulties trying to access photos on the old phone. The photos weren't that exciting anyway.)

Breakfast: French bread with laughing cow cheese, banana, diet coke

Lunch: Pad see ew with tofu, diet coke 

Picked up lunch from a restaurant that's a quarter mile walk from my office and has great, fresh food, so I go there - and get the exact same thing - once almost every single week. When I call in my order, with tofu and no eggs, they no longer ask my name, just confirm "this is Margaret?".

Afternoon snacks: apple, vegan chocolate bar

Dinner: Amy's 4-cheese pizza, carrot, half a green pepper

Evening snacks: banana, cinnamon roll 


  1. That Pad see ew looks amazing. I just made some lo mein for my family this week. Oriental food is just all around delicious.

    And that cinnamon roll looks awesome as well. Gotta have dessert :D

  2. Dessert is very important. :)

    A couple years ago I tried to make pad see ew, tried a few times but didn't get it quite right to be on par with this one. :( I'll have to give it another shot sometime.


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