Friday, July 27, 2012

Hurts So Good

I did this week's lower-body weights workout two days ago, and my quads are aching almost as much as they did two days after each half marathon I've done!  Clearly haven't done any strength training in quite some time.

I'm a bit concerned, as I'm running a 5k tomorrow afternoon, but I took advantage of the packet pickup at a running store (at the shopping center next door to my apartment complex, who knew?) to buy a foam roller. I was already doing some massaging with my hands, but upping the pressure with body weight on the roller - wow! So, so, tight. 

cat scared of garmin
Randomly freaked out by my garmin the other day.
Tomorrow is the CATnip 5k, which benefits the Cat Adoption Team, a no-kill shelter in Sherwood, Oregon. I adopted my beautiful Imogene from CAT three years ago. If you're looking for a cause to donate to, it's a very worthy one.

My current 5k PR is 38:55 (average pace 12:32), from a race about six weeks ago. Since then, my default pace when starting a run, if I don't think about it too much, has tended around 11:00 - 11:30. I don't usually keep up that pace for three miles! But it doesn't feel super fast, so I might be able to do it in a race setting. 

It'd be ok goal: 37:59
It'd be awesome goal: 35:00

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