Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Body Bootcamp - Week 1 Goals

Last night I did my first bootcamp workout!

In addition to the weight lifting, core, and cardio workouts, Tina has participants set 2 additional health goals. Each week you get a point for doing workouts 5 days, and for meeting your other goals 5 days of the week. Part of the fee for the program goes to a raffle drawing at the end - each point for meeting a goal gets you in the drawing to win.

For further motivation and rewards, I'm keeping some measurements to track my progress. I haven't decided yet if I'll provide the actual numbers, or just the amount of change. Sometimes it bugs me to read other bloggers give their weight, and even though I know they're doing way more to be healthy than I am, plus we're all built differently, I still feel jealous that some girl who's 6 inches taller than me weighs 50 pounds less. So I don't want to set up a situation for anyone to consciously or unconsciously judge themselves, me, or others. But on the other hand, part of me is simply embarrassed about what the numbers currently are, and it might be good for me to publicly reveal them.

Health goals

1. Drink no more than 1 pop a day. (Pop is my primary morning caffeine source. I don't dislike tea, but pop certainly tastes better! Coffee is simply gross.)

2. Go to bed with lights out by 11:00. 

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