Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Body Bootcamp - Week 1 Recap

This week's workouts

Monday: Upper body strength training + HIIT cardio on the treadmill [60 second intervals for 11 minutes, alternative 6.0 mph and 5.0 mph (with a few breaks at 4.8 and 4.0), with warm-up/cool-down of 0.2 mile each way walking from my apartment to the complex's fitness center]. I think to better fir the HIIT concept I should have gone a bit faster on the high intensity intervals and slower on the recovery intervals. (More like 6.5 and 4.5 mph, maybe?)

Tuesday: Walked 1.5 miles round trip to/from Coldstone... still counts, right? 

Wednesday: Lower body strength training + 2 mile run in 27:21 minutes (13:41 average pace), with warm-up/cool-down of 0.25 mile each walking from my apartment to the main street. Other than the hill, I did a decent job keeping a consistent pace of 12:00 - 12:30 - especially considering my legs were shaking from the weight working immediately beforehand!

Thursday: Yoga class (1 hour) at Blissful Energy Yoga Center. My goodness, my legs were so sore from the previous day strength training!

Friday: 2 mile run in 26:20 (13:10 average pace), with warm-up/cool-down of 0.25 mile each walking from my apartment to the main street. Ran the whole time (paused only for literally a few seconds to let someone cross a narrow bridge on the trail, that's the one spike on the graph)! This was a recovery-type run and I did several small loops around a park to avoid hills, trying to work through the soreness in my legs - still feeling Wednesday's working! I'm not sure if yoga yesterday simply didn't help enough, or actually made it worse.

Saturday: Whole body strength training + CATnip 5k race + 3.0 mile walk to/from the race. No PR. :( My time was 42:32 (average pace 13:41). It was hot out (the race started at 6 pm), my legs were still sore, etc. I'm disappointed, but it reaffirmed that I need to do more deliberate training - for speed and distance - when I sign up for races. 

Sunday: Rest day! I did some foam rolling and stretching; my quads are finally merely "sore" instead of "hurting"!

Goal 1: Drink no more than 1 pop a day. 
Met 4 days.

Goal 2: Go to bed by 11:00.
Met 2 days. 

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