Monday, April 25, 2016

NROLFW Phase 7 Week 3


Monday: Run (with some walking, on a lovely 88° evening) 2.15 miles (14:50 pace) + NROLFW phase 7 workout 5

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Run 2.5 miles (13:34 pace) + bike trainer 4.5 miles (12.4 mph, 66 rpm)

Thursday am: "Speed"work run 2.85 miles (13:32 avg pace)

Goal: wu, 2 x 0.25 @ 5k pace (which is a relatively slow 11:00-ish right now) with 0.25 recovery, cd
I'm not doing anything resembling the speedwork I was doing last year, but want to get my legs a little used to the comfortably-hard pace that I want to aim for in 5k races over the summer.
0.95 wu: 12:45
2 x 0.25 intervals: 10:38, 10:52
2 x 0.25 recovery: 14:46, 14:34
0.90 cd: 15:15

Thursday pm: Swim 1,000 yards + half a round of disc golf

Yay for getting back in the pool! Despite not feeling particularly competent at it, it is relaxing. 

Friday: Unplanned rest day

Saturday: Prenatal yoga class (90 min)

Being in a room with 30+ pregnant women is definitely an experience! 

Sunday: Walk 2.25 miles (18:53 pace) + NROLFW phase 7 workout 6

Total swimming: 1,000 yards
Total biking: 4.5 miles
Total running: 7.5 miles
Average daily steps: 10,035

Working summer hours (yes, summer starts immediately after tax day in my world) (which is 30 - 35 hours per week with Fridays off), getting back into a routine, having time to do stuff, so lovely! I'm still freaking exhausted, which I thought would be less so with both tax season and the first tri behind me, but perhaps I'm still just recovering. We'll say that. Then there's hope for more energy over the next couple months, at least, before the third tri and then just being tired for the rest of my life, ok?

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