Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Five: This Year's Race Schedule

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I did my first race of the year last weekend, the 5k at Race for the Roses. Here's what I'm planning for the rest of the summer. Obviously it's a little different than usual! No big race, no real goal race. I think the I'll max out around 10k distance. No triathlons - I'm going to keep biking (indoors) and swimming to maintain a certain level of specific fitness so I can pick that back up next year, but I'm not comfortable doing those sports in the context needed to prepare for or during a tri. (Open water swimming and road biking make me fear for my life, not that they're inherently dangerous but feel like it to me largely due to where I still lack certain skills. When it's just me I think it's worth facing and working through that fear; when I'm also responsible for someone else I can't justify doing something that feels so dangerous (whether it truly is dangerous or not).)

Here's how this summer's racing is panning out: 

1. Low-key, cheap 5ks - Abe is signing up for more of these (his focus for the summer is a new 5k PR, and he hates paying for anything), and I'm joining him for a couple of the Portland $5 5k fun runs. You get a bib and there's some sort of timing, but no shirts or medals, just low key and fun. It'll be a good way to keep myself challenged without spending tons of money on races when I'm not PR-ing or otherwise having a major goal to meet.

2. Themed/game race - Abe and I are also going to do together the Oregon Trail Game 5k. While part of it is completing the 5k distance, somehow during the race you also get game pieces, and so you're also trying to "survive" all the way to Oregon City, and not die of dysentery or whatnot. 

3. Walking - After running Bloomsday for a few years, I've been trying to talk my parents into doing it too - it's very walker friendly. Finally, I told them if I was pregnant for it this year, I'd walk it with them, so that's what I'm doing! It'll be somewhat of a different experience than running it, but I think it'll still be a blast. 

4. One 10k - I need to give myself some time to rebuild some endurance after my running being more sporadic throughout tax season and the first trimester, but I think I can safely built back up to more than just the three miles or so at a time that I've been doing. I'm thinking of perhaps the Twilight run in July, which has a 10k option  - that'll give me some time for quasi-training, but before I get super hugely pregnant (this would be when I'm about six months along). 

5. Disc golf tournament - Ok, not "race", but a physical event I'll doing. Abe talked me into doing a disc golf tournament! This one, the Chick Flick, is all women and super supportive of beginners. There's a "novice" division that I'll be in, so I'm just hoping everyone's playing as poorly as me. I went out and played on a course yesterday, though, for the first time in a few months, and haven't lost as much of my few skills as I feared I might. I think it'll be a lot of fun so long as I don't put too much pressure on myself. 

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