Wednesday, April 27, 2016

R Game Night

We landed on R for our next alliterative game night (nothing in particular in season right now, and nothing particularly seasonal for R to plan around). 

A Rose (from a Race!) in a Red Rose City Open cup.


We played Rummikub for most of the evening. We also had in mind Rummy, Race for the Galaxy, and an "R Rated" game that friends brought (Dracula). 

For an activity we also had a Root beer tasting, which turned out to be a ton of fun. The most anyone correctly identified was two out of the five. 


Root beer
Roy Rogers (cola, grenadine, cherries)
Riesling (which was purchased under the belief if was Rose)
Red chair NW pale ale


Roasted Root vegetables, including Rutabagas and Russets, with Rosemary
Salad of Romaine, Radicchio, Radishes, Roma tomatoes, with Roasted garlic Ranch dressing
Ratatouille with Roasted Red peppers
Rice Risotto
Riccata Ravioli
Rigatoni, Rotini, and Rainbow Radiatore pasta with Roma tomato sauce
Rye bread and crackers
Raspberry Reserves
Rhuburb Relish
Rambutan (I don't think anyone tried these, though! But appear to be similar to lychees)
Ruby Red grapefruit
Red vines
Ritz crackers
Red velvet oreos
Raw mixed nuts
Reeses pieces
Reeses cups

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