Monday, October 12, 2015

Recovery Week


Monday: Recovery day!

Tuesday: Qi Yoga for Runners (20 min) (and a wonderful - if painful, had bruises the next day - massage, and an epsom salt bath)

Wednesday: Super duper easy run 1.5 miles (15:00 pace)

Thursday: Ballet class (75 min)

Friday: Swim 1,300 yards

Saturday: Run 3.0 miles (14:21 pace)

Sunday: Hike 3.05 miles

Total swimming: 1,300 yards 
Total running: 4.5 miles

I feel like I recovered pretty well from the marathon - by Tuesday I was thinking about running, but figured it'd be good to hold for another day. I enjoyed a week of not having to do anything, but also missed the enjoyment of having a hard workout most days. Looking forward to diving back into a more typical workout schedule next week, with a new phase of NROLFW and a bit more mileage (though nowhere near marathon training level!). 

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