Friday, January 23, 2015

Four Things Friday

1. Though I only do an "official" weigh-in at the end of the month (I don't, and am not trying to, lose weight quickly enough to register much more often than that on our analog scale), I do step it on about once a week or so. After hovering just above and below 145 for a while, I'm finally down a couple pounds! Hoping that holds through the next week, and continues on that trend. 

2. I'm so excited that we're almost to the time of year when there's daylight for evening runs! Tuesday I was at CPE all day, rather than the office, so I got home much earlier than usual this time of year, and was able to head out shortly after 5 and be in quasi-daylight/sorta-dusk - but not complete dark, no headlamp needed! For much of busy season, I'm working much later than typical sunset, but if it's daylight after "normal" business hours I can head out for a run at 5, and then come back to the office for a couple hours, and at least enjoy a small bit of daylight.

3. When you split chore responsibilities with your SO, how much do you weigh available time to do a chore versus amount of caring about the chore? Ummm, asking for a friend.

4. I recently realized that I don't actually like lasagna. I've always loved my mom's lasagna - a basic recipe, just noodles, sauce, cheese, and cheese. I've never found another lasagna that I really enjoyed. I thought, for the longest time, that it was just those other lasagnas that I tried weren't to my liking. But now I think it's that I don't actually like lasagna, and my mom's is the exception, not the other way around. It's like pudding - I can't stand pudding (the texture is so gross!), but I love chocolate, so chocolate pudding's fine. Similarly, lasagna in general, which often includes things (meat or veggies) mixed in the sauce or between layers is not ok, and that's what most lasagna is; it's only when it's pared down to the bare minimum, which are all things I love, that I like it.

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