Monday, December 15, 2014

2015 Race Schedule

Are we really that close to next year for it to be reasonable to plan out race goals? My overall goals are unfortunately halfway the same as last year's - have yet to meet the 5k and half marathon time goals. 

In order of importance:
1. Run a sub-30 minute 5k. (See training plan for the First Run to get closer to this.)
2. Run a sub-2:30 half marathon.
3. Beat my time from last year on a sprint-distance triathlon.
4. Set a new 10k PR - I beat my prior PR by 10 minutes last summer, but I'd really like to continue inching closer to an hour (which, of course, is also related to getting a sub-30 5k).

As I've mentioned previously, I'm tempted to do a full marathon and Olympic distance triathlon next summer (before trying to get pregnant next fall), but realistically I don't think that's a good idea based on my current ability level*. Even the 200-mile bike ride (Seattle to Portland) is a bit iffy in terms of doability, but since that would also be difficult logistically with kids (it's a two-day event, and point-to-point), I want to do it now, in case it's my one shot. Other goals, one-day races that are just a matter of regaining my fitness, will always be an option in the future. It might mean it's five years out instead of two, but it'll be waiting for me eventually.

*At the tri I did the sprint at last year (Aluminum Man), and the other I considered doing (Portland), the last Olympic finisher was less than twice my sprint time - and a race that's twice the distance is virtually always going to take more than twice the time. I know someone has to be last - but I'm not willing to start a racing knowing that that's going to be me!

Pre- and beginning of busy season: Focusing on shorter distances and speed.

January 1: First Run 5k - Portland, OR
January 1: Micro Marathon 2.62 miles - Lake Oswego, OR
January 25: Fight for Air 80-flight stairclimb - Portland, OR
February 22: PRC Winter Series 5k - Beaverton, OR

Busy season motivation: Medium distances, both coincidentally with big hills (or, um, in the Lewiston one, the entire course is one big hill - see unofficial course and elevation profile here). Since longer work hours limit my availability to train, the distances don't require as much time for long runs as a half marathon would, but still present a good challenge to make sure I do fit some running into my schedule. 

May 3: Bloomsday 12k - Spokane, WA
May: Run for the Hill of It 8M - Lewiston, ID

Summer:  After busy season, build back up to half marathon distance, as well as ramp up swimming and biking (especially biking). 

July 4: Foot Traffic Flat half marathon - Portland, OR
July 11 - 12: Seattle to Portland Bike Ride

Late summer/early fall: Hit harder on the triathlon disciplines for a fall triathlon, while still mixing in short-to-moderate running for HTC, and maintaining a reasonable base for another half. If - and this is a really really big never gonna happen IF - double-digit runs suddenly started feeling super easy and my easy pace got like 30% faster, I would consider training for an early fall marathon.

August 28 - 29: Hood to Coast Relay 
September: Aluminum Man sprint triathlon - The Dalles, OR - or -
                   Portland Tri sprint triathlon - Portland, OR 
September 19: Bridge of the Goddess half or 10k - Cascade Locks, OR

Nothing scheduled in March - April, since that's the midst of busy season at work. And then nothing planned for after September - that's when we're planning to start trying to get pregnant. If things don't happen as quickly as we'd like, though, I might do another half in October or November.

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  1. I'm so glad you did this, because it prompted me to write out (on a post-it, not a blog) my tentative race schedule for 2015. I'm hoping to squeeze 1-2 Sprint Tris in there, or possibly a single Sprint and an Oly. But I definitely over-raced in 2014, and I think part of the problem was not laying them all out there. I'd blog about my plans, but I'm still finishing up two posts already, so the post-it did fine. Best of luck in next year's races! I think your having short distance races as goals are good ones, because the training for 5K/10K will definitely compliment each other, and also fit into Sprint training.


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