Sunday, October 26, 2014

Seattle Half Training Week 3 (with incredibly verbose commentary)



Monday: Easy run 2.3 miles (13:46 pace)

Thursday: Easy run 2.7 miles (14:03 pace)

Sunday: Run 5.0 miles (13:46)

Total running: 10 miles

Oy vey. This was an unexpectedly busy and stressful week at work - we're taking advantage of the typical lull from mid October through mid December (after the October 15th extended due date until we do year-end planning) to fully implement procedures for the new repairs regulations that are required starting with the 2014 tax year, and try to front load as much of the work as possible before busy season. I'm on the committee to come up with our policies and procedures, and be a point person for my team as we start the processes. 

We had an internal training on Thursday - I only had a small assigned part to present, but was also a bit behind on fully learning the rules myself. I ended up working more than ten extra hours - totally normal to happen at times in our industry, but this was the week after a tax due date, so it was quite unexpected! Also more stressful, as I was also doing some reading and studying at home - different kind of pressure than merely a finite amount of work that had to get done.

But - that internal training is now over! Apparently I succeeded in well preparing myself, because out of the four team-point-people on the committee, I got picked to co-present at a training for our clients in a couple weeks! Definitely the type of thing that's beyond my comfort zone, but absolutely a great opportunity. And fortunately I have some time to continue studying the regs!

Anyway, long story short (too late!), I ended up with very little time and even less energy to do any running. I'm already feeling much more motivated; today's "long" run was cut short by some intense rain, but otherwise I felt ready to go farther. 

I've realized that the goal pace that the training plan predicted is waaaay too much of a stretch now that I've missed so much of the work; it was a bit of a reach even if I had met all of the workouts. But that was really quite an ambitious PR, I have plenty of room to get back on track and still set a nice PR even if it's not quite as fast as I'd hoped.

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