Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seattle Half Training Plan

A few months ago, after my most recent half marathon, I thought I was done with long distances. At least for the immediate future (I was thinking until after next tax season, probably), and maybe for good. I hadn't made much progress in improving my speed and wasn't feeling strong when I tried to. 

Well, after some time off from making myself do a long run on the weekend, mixing things up with triathlon training, and working on aerobic base training, I think I'm finally ready to get back to it! Paying attention to the Portland Marathon last weekend was definitely inspiring. 

I'm going to use a plan from SmartCoach, based on:

  • A mile test time from the beginning of September. The indicated paces, based on the faster single-mile-pace, for easy and long runs are in line with what I've been doing at aerobic efforts lately, which is very different from what I tended to call an "easy" pace in prior training cycles.
  • Weekly mileage of at least 20 (a step up from where I've been lately, but only a small step).
  • "Moderate" training intensity.
I'm actually looking forward to my first tempo run tomorrow. (What's wrong with me?! Oh, yeah, I'm runner. :) 

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