Sunday, July 13, 2014

Triathlon Training Week 4


Monday: Core work

Tuesday AM: Run 3.0 miles (13:24 pace) - well, not completely horrid for un-fueled, un-caffeinated, first thing in the morning.
Tuesday PM: TRI Team swim practice 1,100 yards

Wednesday: TRI Team track practice 3.05 miles

Saturday: Swim 1,300 yards (0 to 1650 week 3, plus an two extra laps waiting for Abe) - 400, 200, 4 x 100, 4 x 50, 2 x 50

Sunday: Bike 27.9 miles (12.8 mph)

I thought we were going to be in the middle of a heatwave (90+ degrees = a heatwave in these parts), but apparently that got pushed out til tomorrow. Instead, there was a lovely downpour in the middle of my longest bike ride to date. Plus hills, and riding in parts of Portland I'm not familiar with, trying to keep up with the group so I wouldn't get lost. Basically the worst conditions to bike in I could possibly imagine.

And I went across a wet traintrack at the wrong angle and completely crashed. Not crashed crashed, like truly injured myself or the bike, but fell down hard enough to knock the chain off the gear. Fortunately I'm less scraped up than I would have expected - one knee took the brunt of it, with scraps and what I'm thinking will be a significant bruise by tomorrow, but nothing all that bad.

Total swimming: 2,400 yards
Total biking: 27.9 miles
Total running: 6.05 miles

I intended for this week to be a bit of a break, to recover from the half marathon and psych myself up for Hood to Coast. Also had a lot of social stuff going on, so I didn't prioritize as many bike and swim workouts as I normally do. 

At track practice on Wednesday, I was feeling my ankle a little bit - this is a recurring sorta-injury (happened the first time around the time I was doing the couch to 5k program), and has most recently been acting up for a couples. It didn't hurt terribly, though, and I didn't think I was adjusting anything for it - but once I finished the workout, the coaches immediately asked if I was injured, as I appeared to be limping during it.

They think it's tendonitis, so I need to rest, ice, epsom salt soaks, compression, etc. I can't take too much time off running - I have Hood to Coast coming up! But I nonetheless took off the rest of the week form running. I attempted a run this morning, and though I think my ankle would have felt better once I got warmed up, I turned around after 100 yards, and plan to continue to abstain from running until Tuesday.

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