Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 Foot Traffic Flat Half

This race... kind of sucked. It wasn't my worst ever half marathon, but it was a personal worst on this course, despite being the third year in a row of doing this race.

It was a pretty perfect day for a race, too. The temperature started in the upper 50s, and was maybe pushing 70 by the time I finished. Absolutely lovely.

I started out feeling pretty good for a few miles, but then starting having some digestive discomfort. 

Miles 1 - 5: 12:30, 12:31, 12:40, 12:50, 12:28

By mile 6, I decided I needed to a bathroom stop - unfortunately there was a bit of a line here. I was stopped for a solid 3 minutes before even getting into the porta potty. (In the graph below, you can see I always stop in this mile - but there usually wasn't as long of a line!) 

Miles 6 - 10: 17:14 (bathroom stop), 12:42, 13:41, 14:16, 14:12

After that I felt better briefly, but then just felt fatigued and weak for basically the rest of the time. After a while I started trying to speed walk, and was just as fast doing that as when I was running. 

Miles 11 - 13.1: 15:24, 15:27, 15:44, 2:15 (for 0.2, 11:01 pace)

Total: 3:03:57, 14:02 pace. At least I continue to improve my recovery time after a distance race, though? I did ride 22 miles the next day and 24.5 the day after that.

I'm not completely sure what the deal was. I'd been a bit sporadic in taking my meds and supplements for a couple weeks before hand. I take things for conditions that can have a big impact on my energy level (thyroid and other endocrine related things), so that might have been a relevant factor. Although I'd kept up my total mileage to almost where I wanted it to be for the training cycle (close to 20 miles/week), I didn't do nearly as much speed work or hill work as I should have. 

Like last year, I thought it'd be interesting to compare my mile splits, since I've done this race each year since I started doing halfs. As always, I found a little energy to kick it up a notch for the last bit. I always take a bathroom break in mile 6 (usually it's a lot shorter line than the earlier stops - not so this year). In the second half, the trend was more similar to my first year doing the race (when it was only my second half marathon), than last year (when I was in the middle of marathon training).

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