Sunday, June 8, 2014

Foot Traffic Flat Half Training Week 4


Monday: Run 2 miles (12:38 pace) + bike 2 miles (8.4 mph)
This time I took my bike on some loops around our block, about 0.4 miles around, with some incline. There's one 30-yard or so section that feels really steep. Though looking at my Garmin data, apparently the block only has a total elevation change of 22 feet. So, it's actually just me. I'm definitely not comfortable on the bike yet, but it's noticeably less uncomfortable each time.

Tuesday: Run 1.5 miles (11:56 pace) + swim 750 yards

Wednesday: Run 3.15 miles (11:11 pace) - this was with part of my Hood to Coast team. I couldn't keep up. They went out at about a 9:30 - 9:45 pace; I ended up at 10:25 for the first mile (even caught up with the group at a stop light about half a mile in), then took a short-cut through the loop they were doing (mostly to avoid the worst hill), kept up a decent pace for the second mile, then was totally worn out and around 12:00+ for the rest. Yeah, this is why I've never joined a running group.

Thursday: Swim 750 yards + run 1 mile (11:47 pace)

Friday: Run 1 mile (13:54 pace)

Saturday: Helvetia 10k race in 1:15:20 (12:07 pace) - a new PR by 10 minutes!

Sunday: Bike 4.2 miles (9.2 mph) + run 2.3 miles (13:03 pace)

Total swimming: 1,500 yards
Total biking: 6.2 miles
Total running: 17.15 miles


  1. There are all sorts of running groups. The best encourage you and have a lot of different people running at different paces, some of whom are running 12- and 13-minute miles. There's no shame in a 12-minute mile. AT. ALL. Especially if you PRed your 10K. GO YOU!

    1. That's a good point - granted this wasn't necessarily a "group" that was set up to accommodate everyone, but only 6 people out of a relay team who are all training for themselves, really. I shouldn't discount running groups altogether, I'm sure most are encouraging and inclusive of everyone, especially larger groups who do have more built-in variety of paces. It's definitely hard to overcome that fear of "everyone will be faster than me", even though logically I know any good running group will help you out regardless.


  2. We women runners beat ourselves up much too much. Here's something to consider regarding that fear


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