Monday, June 9, 2014

This is Legit Vegan Cheese

A few months ago I pinned this vegan nacho cheese recipe, but was hesitant to try it. In my experience these sorts of vegan substitution things can be hit or miss, and I hate putting a lot of work (yes, chopping vegetables counts as "a lot of work" in my kitchen) into cooking something only to be disappointed in the final product.

Holy moly. The only disappointment here is that I waited so long to try it! The texture, taste, color, everything about this is exactly like I remember that chemically goodness of nacho cheese at the skating rink or bowling alley. But it's made of vegetables!

The recipe makes a good amount - after the first plate of nachos it still filled up a large jar. (Though it goes quickly, too! Used up nearly half the jar the following day, I think, with some generous servings.) And ok, it wasn't that much work. 

The thought crossed my mind "now I can go vegan!" And I've had that thought before about different recipes (for example, thousand layer potatoes as a substitute for mac & cheese). And I've found there isn't any one cheesy vegan dish that's going to make my diet complete, emotionally, and allow me to give up all other actual-cheese foods. But the more vegan options I have in my arsenal, the easier it might be. 

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