Friday, February 14, 2014

Four for Friday

1. After the snow last weekend, we had a couple days of rain to wash it away, and then finally a couple clear days. Yesterday, I was able to take a break from work at 5 to get in a run - in daylight! It was so exciting. Weekends have somehow been harder to find motivation, and weeknights I've been running loops in the dark around the parking lot, so I'm glad we're finally to a time where weather and sunsets cooperate to allow for daylight runs!

2. But when dark and rainy or the treadmill have been the only running options - biking inside has been a much more fun alternative! I'm still getting used to sitting on a real bike seat for long periods of time (I think 40 minutes is my max so far), even with the padding from a pair of bike shorts. Bike shorts are weird though - basically feels like wearing a really really huge overnight pad in your pants. Very odd.

The trainer is worth more than the bike.

3. I haven't been doing as much biking or running as I'd like to this week, though. Last week's snow days were kind of nice, but I only got 45 hours in, when I should have been doing 55. So this week I'm on track for about 65 to balance it out and get some stuff off my to-do list. I'm also feeling a bit overwhelmed with new responsibilities in my first busy after being promoted to manager. Previously, it's more about the projects that you're responsible for doing. Now, it's about being responsible for just making sure the projects get done - by someone. So I feel a bit less hands-on than I'd like to be on some clients (especially ones that got handed to me this year that I haven't worked on before, as I wanted to review them to help familiarize myself with their circumstances), simply because the returns need to be done and I don't currently have time. It's a bit of an adjustment.

4. I deal with food scraps by putting them in a container in my freezer (in an apartment), and then Abe takes the container and adds it to his compost bin (in a yard at his house). The container usually ends up sitting outside for a while to thaw out so he can easily dump the contents into the compost bin. As he returned the container this week, he realized that a slug had hopped on at some point. My first reaction, visualizing a large banana slug, was to ask him to immediately take it outside. But as he passed me to take it out, I saw it just a little bitty thing! And actually kind of cute. Worthy of taking some photos - and then taking it outside asap, please.

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