Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Day!

We've had a bit of snow here this weekend! Granted, it's nothing like other parts of the country have experienced, but it's a ton for us - I'd guesstimate 8 - 10 inches are outside my door at the moment. The last time we had anything like this was in 2008, when we had a few feet. Normally, even a dusting of snow that stays around for 24 hours is a rare occurrence. 

The snow started falling mid-day Thursday; I was nervous about driving home from work on the packed snow, but it wasn't too bad. Friday heading into work was also fine, but I got nervous when the snow started up again and ended up leaving around 3 (only about half the office was even there, and many of them left around noon). There was enough traffic on the freeway to have some bare spots and a lot of slush, but it was still pretty covered and slow-going.

I was even planning to go into work Saturday morning. The traffic cams showed I-5 with more accumulation though (and less traffic around to melt it), so I was a bit nervous (I just don't have the skills/experience to trust myself in very severe snow conditions). Then I went out to my car to leave - and there was at least 6 inches on it since the prior afternoon. Sweeping it off, I discovered a thick layer of ice underneath. Taking into account the snow drifts surrounding... I decided, never mind! I'm hoping that the rising temperatures tomorrow will create mere slush that will be safer and I can go in tomorrow for a while, but if not I'll just have extra long days next week to make up for it.

I did get out of the house for a bit though - we walked to Fred Meyer (about 3/4 of a mile away). Wasn't out of food entirely, but I needed to do some grocery shopping today or tomorrow, and had more time today. A bit chilly, of course, especially on the way back when the wind had started back up, but a fun adventure nonetheless! 

(The walk also gave me a chance to see I-5 in person (the route to the store went over an overpass) - and it was much more covered than the previous day, so I'm glad I didn't end up driving on it.)

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