Sunday, February 9, 2014

K-Fit Week 2


Monday am: K-Fit Weeks 1/2 workout 4
Monday pm: Run 2.15 miles (12:56 pace)

Tuesday pm: Stationary bike 8.6 miles (17.2 mph)

Wednesday am: K-Fit Weeks 1/2 workout 1
Wednesday pm: Yoga class (60 minutes)

Thursday am: Bike trainer 25 minutes (est. 6.65 miles)
Thursday pm: Treadmill run 2.6 miles (12:13 pace)

Friday: Rest day 

Saturday: K-Fit Weeks 1/2 workout 3 + bike trainer 30 minutes (est. 8.5 miles)

Sunday: Bike trainer 40 minutes (est. 11.35 miles)

Total biking: 35.1 miles
Total running: 4.75 miles

So here's the plan to (1) improve my sleep habits and my ability to get up a decent hour, and (2) fit exercise around my busy season work hours:

M/W/F am: Strength workout
Tu/Th am: Bike trainer

M/Tu/Th pm: Run (as a dinner break from work when daylight and weather allow, or after I get home doing parking lot loops or on the treadmill if necessary)
W pm: Yoga class
F pm: Rest

Sa/Su: Long run and long bike ride

This "getting up earlier than the bare minimum to get out the door in time for work" thing is going to take some getting used to, but I'm pretty proud of doing it three times this week! Also on a positive note: I met my average of 5 fruits & veggies per day this week!

Running was somewhat hindered by the snow that started on Thursday (didn't want to run outside and the apartment manager inexplicably locked the gym on Saturday), but I'm also just not feeling it right now. Biking is new and exciting, and it is indeed something I need to work on for my summer goals - and can be done indoors! I expect running motivation to return when I have races approaching, and daylight available to train during.

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