Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post-Marathon Fitness Goals

I feel like a bit like I've been focusing on the marathon forever. I registered for it a full year ago, the day after the 2012 race. Although I've done some half marathons since then, the marathon was always in the back of my mind when considering how to focus my exercise energy and time. Now, I'm looking at a few other things.


Although I want to keep up a decent amount of weekly mileage (both to meet my annual goal of 1,000 miles, and just to keep a good base for future race training), I'm going to switch gears somewhat to focus on speed instead of distance. 

Specifically I want to:
1. Run a mile in under 8:56 (my life-time mile record, set in 8th grade PE class). My current adult record is 9:55 9:50 (Monday night).
2. Run a 5k in under 30 minutes (9:39 pace). My current official race PR is 34:11 (11:00 pace), but more recently I did a training run 5k in 31:33 (10:10 pace). 
3. Set a new 10k PR - I've only done one, and it was an off day so it was a ridiculously slow pace even by my standards.

Fall/winter races:
November 16: Cause and Event 10k
Thanksgiving: Our holiday plans are still up in the air, but I'll hopefully be able to do a Turkey Trot
December 15: Holiday Half 5k
January 1: First Run 5k

Spring races:
March 1:  Champoeg 30k - maybe? I'm sensing a pattern of being overly optimistic when it comes to races, but given a two week taper, this would have peak training February 15, which isn't so far into tax season, I think that might be doable. Or maybe save this race for 2015, as a precursor to the next round of marathon training?
April 19: Hip Hop Half 5k
May 4: Bloomsday 12k
May tbd: Hippie Chick half marathon 

Triathlon training

Yep, I want to get into triathlons. Do at least one, anyways. My goal race is Aluminum Man next fall - ideally the olympic distance, but there's also a sprint option.

In the past ten years or so, I've swam once, and attempted to ride a bike a couple times (it's scary! The whole "it's just like a riding a bike" is kind of true, but not completely, in my opinion). I swam and rode a bike tons as a kid, though, so I'm not starting completely from scratch, but I do need to re-learn a lot of the nuances.

When I started running, all I needed was a pair of shoes and a watch. For this, I'll need a bit more stuff. (Though there is a stationary bike in my apartment complex's fitness center, so I can get started with that.) On my to-do list before I even start pre-training:

  • Buy a swimsuit. I just received a suit that I ordered on clearance from Athleta, but need to return it to try different sizes.
  • Buy swimming accessories - goggles and swim cap. I assume swim caps are pretty generic across the board? No idea what to look for in goggles. Eventually, I'd like to get prescription goggles. I can see well enough to follow a lane in a pool, but for an open water swim I'd rather have corrective lenses.
  • Find a place to swim. I think there are a couple gyms near by with indoor pools, but they cost more than I'd rather pay each month, especially since I wouldn't necessarily be taking advantage of other amenities like classes. Maybe put this off until after tax season so I know I'll use a gym or pool membership enough to make it worth the cost?
  • Buy a bike. I'd like to buy a used one, but through a bike shop so I make sure I get the right size and get fitted.
  • Do I need any bike accessories? What kind of distance/time on a bike is feasible before you need padded shorts? I'm not aiming to do a century or anything yet, so would I probably be ok wearing running shorts? I'm not planning on getting clip-in pedals until I'm more comfortable riding a bike in general, so I won't need biking shoes yet.

Strength training

Yoga: Been going once a week, and planning to continue that. I'd like to go to class twice a week, but I don't think that's feasible schedule-wise, especially with everything else I want to do. Perhaps adding in a yoga video once a week in addition to a class is doable.

Kemme Fitness: This is a functional fitness workout system, designed to be as accessible as possible (there are even instructions to make the equipment needed). You can just select individual workouts, or follow a 12-week program. I attempted the K-Fit program a while ago, and it was pretty tough. Especially since so many of the exercises are body-weight movements, it's harder to scale them down, the way you could by merely reducing the weight on a machine exercise. I think I'll give K-Basic a try.


  1. I love AquaSphere tinted goggles! Yes, go ahead and get padded shorts. You will not be ok wearing running shorts (ouchie)...plus you really can't in a tri. Might as well train in tri shorts!! :)

    1. Guess it's time for a shopping trip at REI!


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