Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Taper

This was probably actually a bad idea, as far as marathon preparation goes... but just did a training run that beat my current 5k PR by 2:38 (50 seconds faster per mile)! I really didn't feel like even going on a run tonight; finally decided to do a short, fast run and get it over with. My plan was to do 2.5 miles at a 11:00-ish pace, but after doing the first quarter mile or so by effort and then looking at my pace - I couldn't help by see how far I could keep it up! Only need to shave another 31 seconds off this pace to meet my 30 before 30 goal of a sub-30 5k.

There was a point about a mile in when I heard two guys running on the trail behind me. Usually other runners pass me pretty quickly. Granted, they appeared to be putting in much less effort at a pace just a touch faster than me, but it actually took them a few minutes to catch up and overtake me - a nice change from the usual!

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