Monday, October 21, 2013

Non-Beer-y Beer

Friday night we went out to dinner with a coworker of Abe's, L, and her husband J. We went to Roscoe's. It was a bit crowded, and slow - apparently there was only one guy working in the kitchen. But the mac & cheese was pretty good, and the cornbread was really good. 

They also have an extensive selection of beers, and you can get samples to try. I wasn't planning on getting one, though - I'm not a fan of beers. The only one I'd previously tried and semi-liked is McMenamins Ruby. (And I didn't completely hate a Coors light that I had once, but I'm told that's more of a water than beer.)

(Basically it needs to not taste like beer. Or alcohol. My favorite alcoholic drink is Mike's, followed by almost anything made with vodka - I waited to drink until I was 21 (I went to a dry college, so I could still rebel by drinking when it was legal but against the school rules) and then went to Russia a few months later, so that's the first hard liquor I consistently had and got used to.)

Abe, who likes most beers, picked The Commons' Myrtle, based on that fact that its hops were grown in Silverton where he lived for a year (well, I pick wines based on names and label aesthetics, so I guess that's at least as logical). He took a sip, and found it gross. L and J also tried it; one of them used the descriptor disgusting. 

So, for some reason, I decided I should give it a try, too. And it actually wasn't bad! It has a bit of a tart aftertaste that I'm not a huge fan of, but it was crisp and not overly-beer-like. Not so great that I would buy it for home, but I'd totally order it again at a restaurant.

A facebook friend commented that this indicates I might like saison/farmhouse beers, or sours. Perhaps I'll have to branch out a bit with that in mind.

 Any beer suggestions for a non-beer drinker who likes Ruby and Myrtle?

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