Saturday, August 31, 2013

Garlic Fries

It only took a week and a half to post about our trip to the coast (am I such an impressive blogger, or what :) ); now working backwards to recap the rest of the summer. At the beginning of August, Abe and I met up with my parents in Seattle (they live in eastern Washington) for a Mariners game. 

In looking up driving directions to Safeco Field the day before (we were going to take Amtrak, but I procrastinated buying tickets and at the last minute they were absurdly expensive), I realized that google had some interesting priorities:

google at a glance

Crowdsourcing the issue, I found out that the fries are, indeed, an important part of the experience. I'd been there before, but not for at least ten or twelve years, and I don't recall trying them before. My dad is a long-time Mariners fan, and we have relatives in the area, so we did go to several games over the course of my childhood. (More importantly, we would always visit the Elliot Bay Book Company before the game - they used to be walking distance from the stadium).


It turned out my friend Karey was also attending the game, so we met up briefly before the game, and I introduced her to my parents and Abe. As both a Mariners fan and a fellow vegetarian, she was able to point out the veggie foods corner by section 132 (near the home plate gate). The veg-leaning members of our group all had veggie dogs for lunch. 

Seattle Mariners

We were lucky that Felix was pitching that day, and the Mariners won 2-0! I have to admit, I don't really follow them in general (I did for a while in fifth grade - when Ken Griffey Jr and Randy Johnson were around - but then they traded all the players I was familiar with and I lost interest), but knew they weren't having the best season, so that was a pleasant surprise.

My mom enjoyed having company - she goes along with my dad to see the Mariners about once a year now, but often spends the time texting her daughters, rather than following the game. Baseball is one of the few sports I actually know the basic rules to, so I had fun watching the game in addition to spending time with family. Abe explained some of the stats I was unfamiliar with; I thought the SLG is pretty interesting, the way it weights efficiency for scoring versus just hits.

And yes, I did make sure to try the garlic fries! I'd say they live up to the hype. Sooooo much garlic on them! I swear it seemed like an entire bulb chopped up on the one serving. Still not sure what the purpose of the apple slice that comes with it is though. Anyone know?

Safeco Field fries

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