Monday, January 28, 2013

A Lackluster Running Week


Tuesday: 3 mile run (11:55 pace)

Wednesday: 2.1 mile treadmill run (1% incline, 11:40 pace)

Total Miles: 5.1

This wasn't really a busy week, just a busy weekend (but the weekend was nonstop!). I knew I had to prep for the weekend during the week, but I procrastinated and ended up doing a lot of sitting on the couch stressing about what I needed to do. When it comes to fight-or-flight response, my default is freeze.

So that's why I didn't get as many short runs during the week or any Kemme strength training workouts. Then a long run or yoga class was out of the question this weekend. Saturday started with going into work for a couple hours, then meeting up with a friend who I roped into helping me rent a truck and pick up my pretty new piano from the music store:

Combined with taking him out to lunch for a thank you, replacing my headlight that he realized was burnt out, and replacing the flat tire on his car that he noticed when he pulled into my parking lot, this ended up being quite the adventure. I didn't get back to work until after 3:00, and even then all I wanted to do was go home and put the piano together, so I wasn't terribly focused. 

Putting together the piano, playing a little, and continuing to procrastinate cleaning and getting ready for my game night the next day kept me up past midnight, but I got up about 7:30 on Sunday, and cleaned my apartment. I still felt unprepared for hosting by the time I had to leave for a lunch date.

Yes, a date! I had a first date with a guy I met through okcupid. I'm definitely awkward when meeting new people, but overall I thought it went well, I like him and pretty sure I'll see him again. 

The date had a defined ending point because I had to get home and finish getting ready for a game night for my birthday. The theme was "margaritas and margherita pizza", cause I'm a dork and find the play on the my name amusing, plus who doesn't love margaritas and margheritas. The game night was so much fun, and it was a great birthday!

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