Monday, July 15, 2013

Breaking Point: Marathon Training Week 6


Monday: 3.5 mile run (13:02 pace)

Tuesday: 6.75 miles (13:34 pace)
Goal: 6.5 miles - 1 mile warm-up, 5 0.5 mile intervals at 10:00 with 0.5 mile recovery, 1 mile cool-down 
Actual: The heat killed my speed intervals - it was still 90 degrees at 7:30 pm.
1 mile warm-up: 12:21
4 x 0.5 mile intervals: 10:14, 10:14, 12:20, 11:10
3 x 0.5 mile recovery in between intervals: too slow to admit publicly
2.25 mile cool-down: 14:57, 14:34, 3:10 time for 0.25 (12:47 pace)

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 1.5 mile run (12:42 pace) - not bad for early-morning, pre-caffeine.

Friday: 5 mile run (12:49 pace)
Goal: 6 - 8 miles moderate (12:30 - 12:59)
Actual: 12:44, 12:42, 12:38, 13:11, 12:49

Saturday: Unplanned rest day

Sunday: Unplanned rest day

Total miles: 16.75

Well, that kind of sucked. I woke up Thursday with a mild urinary tract infection. The  short run Thursday morning was uncomfortable, and I was still trying to figure out what was going on. I put off Friday's run for about 6 hours before finally heading out, and it was after making a bathroom stop in mile 4 that I realized I wasn't willing to go any farther with the UTI symptoms.

The symptoms were really only at the level of discomfort, not truly painful, but it still made running very mentally challenging while feeling the constant urge to pee. I debated going to the doctor on Friday, and decided I would go on Monday if it wasn't vastly improved, but by Saturday morning - when the thought of a 3-hour run was absolutely not a possibility - had had enough and went to an urgent care clinic (Zoomcare - I was quite impressed with how they run things!). Started on an antibiotic and was feeling much better by mid-day Sunday. 

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