Monday, July 22, 2013

Reunion: Marathon Training Week 7


Monday: 4 mile run (12:19 pace)
Goal: 3 - 4 miles easy-ish (12:15 - 12:45)
Actual: 12:19, 12:38, 12:05, 12:05

Wednesday: 6.5 mile run (12:52 pace)
Goal: 6 miles easy-ish (12:15 - 12:45)
Actual: 12:42, 13:14, 12:50, 12:52, 13:03, 12:42, 6:15 time for 0.5 (12:30 pace)

Friday: Played a round of disc golf 

Saturday: 12.25 mile run (141:41 pace)
Supposed to be 16 miles, but was visiting my parents to attend my high school reunion, and it's way too ridiculously hot there! Also, I think I need new running shoes - besides the heat, my feet hurting was actually the biggest reason I didn't want to do the full distance. 

Sunday: 3.25 mile run (15:44 paces - yikes! That includes some walking breaks, but mostly just running super duper slow.) + played a round of disc golf

Total miles: 26

Not at all where it should have been, but trying to run while traveling and in climates I'm no longer accustomed to was challenging. 

I'm currently on a road trip with Abe. We started in eastern Washington for my reunion, headed down to Boise, then to Reno/Carson City/Lake Tahoe area. From here we'll be heading back into California, then north back to Oregon. The route is planned around disc golf courses for Abe to play. I'll join him for maybe one course each day, and either walk with him on additional courses, find a nearby trail to run on, or a Starbucks to study in.

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