Friday, May 3, 2013

Earth Day Run - 5 Miler

I've never actually bought photos from a race before, but I figured since Abe and I have been dating for three months and don't have any pictures together, it'd be worth the absurdly high price!

Yeah... there's a little bit of a height difference.
Photo by Evan Pilchik Photography

The Earth Day Run was at the end of April (the weekend before Earth Day, of course). It's a smaller race in the suburbs of Portland - about 500 runners combined in the 5k and 5 mile races. A good chunk of the course is actually in the parks where I do many of my long run.

Abe and I were each last in our age group (135th and 136th out of 150 overall running in the 5 mile), but we met my goal of finishing in under an hour - 58:27 (average pace of 11:41). Abe's certainly capable of doing better than that - next time we do a race together I'll encourage him to not run it with me, cause even without doing a ton of training lately (he did some triathlons a few years ago), I suspect he's a pretty natural runner. He definitely doesn't have to put out the same effort I do to go that speed!

I actually warmed up pre-race for the first time ever, at Abe's insistence. I'm not sure if it helped any, although I have noticed on my medium-distance runs that my middle miles are often the fastest (by the end I'm tired, and the beginning miles are essentially a warm up). Side note: just came across this Runner's World article with suggested warm-ups for races shorter than half marathon distance.

Mile splits
1: 11:36
2: 12:08
3: 12:02
4: 11:41
5: 11:32 (10:58 time for 0.95 of a mile per my garmin)

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