Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Race Travel Packing List

The following is mostly me thinking out loud, so to speak, in preparation for flying to Spokane to run Bloomsday this weekend, but hopefully it can be a useful reference for others.

Packing List 

Running clothes options (for 45 - 75 degree weather)
Skirt, capris
Tank top, tee shirt
Arm warmers, long-sleeve shirt
Handheld water bottle, water belt

Other running clothes/gear
Sports bra 
Running shoes
SPI belt (to carry cell phone if I don't wear my water belt)
Garmin and charger
Road ID bracelet
Shot Bloks
Hair ties
Safety pins (for bib)
Drawstring backpack, in case I want to put things in bag check, or so it's easy for my mom to carry anything I'll want right after the race

(Note: I rarely wear socks when running - I use Vivo Barefoot shoes, which are lined in such a way that socks aren't necessary to prevent chafing or anything. I'm also not a fan of hats or sunglasses. But I'm noting the lack of these items as a reminder if you're a normal person who does routinely wear socks, hats, and sunglasses.) 

Pre-race stuff
Compression socks for overnight
Pepto bismol (I take preemptively before long races to minimize any stomach issues)
Caffeine pills (since I can't carry my usual liquid source on the plane)

Post-race clothes
Yoga pants
Tank top
Flip flops
Compression calf sleeves

Regular travel stuff
Underwear, etc.
Cell phone charger
Luna bars
Water bottle (FYI, you can bring empty bottles through airport security)

Did I miss anything important?

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