Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Satisfactory Running Week


Monday: 1.65 treadmill run (1% incline, 12:20 pace)

Thursday: 3 mile run (11:38 pace)

Friday: Treadmill speed workout (1% incline, 1.9 miles in 20:45)

Speed workout: 
  Warm-up/cool-down: 0.25 mile walk to/from fitness center
  Sets of 3 1-minute intervals
    5.1 (11:45), 5.6 (10:42), 6.1 (9:50)
    5.0 (12:00), 5.5 (10:54), 6.0 (10:00)
    5.2 (11:32), 5.7 (10:31), 6.2 (9:40)
    5.0 (12:00), 5.5 (10:54), 6.0 (10:00)
    5.3 (11:19), 5.8 (10:20), 6.3 (9:31)
    5.0 (12:00), 5.5 (10:54), 6.0 (10:00)
  2:45 minutes at 5.0 (12:00)

Sunday: 90 minute yoga class + 2.5 mile run (12:51 pace)

Total miles: 9.05

Still didn't manage to make time for Kemme or other strength training workouts, but at least my running is close to where I'd like it to be.


  1. I so envy anyone that can run. I don't think my body is made for it, or maybe it's just my mind that starts up the 'I'm bored.. I'm bored.. I'm sooo bored' mantra after about 10 minutes.

    Yoga, however, is awesome. I don't know if you have Spotify, but I found Shiva Rea Yoga Wave on there and did it this morning. Fantastic.

    1. That's definitely how my mind is on the treadmill, I don't know how people go more than a couple miles on it!


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