Sunday, February 17, 2013

An OK Running Week


Monday: 2.05 mile run (11:56 pace)

Wednesday: 2.2 mile treadmill run (1% incline, 11:20 pace)

Sunday: 4 mile run (12:34 pace)

Total miles: 8.25

I'd like to blame this on my schedule - 4 out of 5 week days I had something in the evening or had to leave during the day and make up the time by staying at work later - a counseling session, a board meeting, Valentine's dinner with Abe, dinner with my parents (all good things, just things that took up time).

I did have Sunday available to do a long run, and I picked the route running to a park, where I have multiple options for loops or out-and-backs to easily do 6 - 8 miles, but... I don't know, just wasn't feeling it. Maybe because my runs during the week are so short, that even 4 miles feels like a long run?

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