Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Half Training: Week 12 & VegNews Vegan Yoga Retreat Recap

Note: Saturday of the prior week through Saturday of this week was spent at the VegNews vegan yoga retreat at Haramara Retreat, Sayulita, Mexico. In addition to formal workouts, I estimate that I walked at least 1.5 miles a day on the hilly trails of the property while at the yoga retreat.

Monday: 2 hour yoga class + 90 minute yoga class

Tuesday: 2 hour yoga class + 90 minute yoga class + 1.5 mile run (17:39 pace) - I was exploring the roads around the property, and, unsurprisingly, came across lots of hills, resulting in a quite a few walking breaks.

Wednesday: 90 minute yoga class - midway through the week, we got a light day to give our bodies a breather. 3.5 hours of yoga day is tough, go figure!

Thursday: 2 hour yoga class + 90 minute yoga class + 0.5 mile run (11:41 pace) - I picked a straight-ish bit of trail with only a moderate incline, and ran 0.05 mile hill repeats.

Friday: 2 hour yoga class + 90 minute yoga class + 1.5 mile run (13:39 pace) - I found a route with some, but fewer, hills.

Saturday: 90 minute yoga class

Sunday: 1 mile walk + 5 minutes of yoga (the walk and yoga are components of what I'm hoping will be my new morning routine) + 6.3 mile run  (12:27 pace) - It was nice all morning, then by the time I went out for what I intended to be 10 miles (still haven't done a double digit training run - ever, after almost 3 half marathons), it was raining on and off. But wanting to get out of the rain, and/or all the hill walking I did in Mexico, resulted in the fastest long run I've ever had!

Total miles: 9.8

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