Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Half Training: Week 11 Recap


Sunday: 2 hour yoga class + 90 minutes yoga class

Total miles: 0

So... that was an off week. Monday through Wednesday was spent cleaning my apartment, coming up with something vegan to make for Thanksgiving dinner, laundry, packing, and catching up on homework. Thursday was Thanksgiving - my family picked me up and we drove from Portland to Tacoma in the morning. Friday I meant to do a long run of at least 6 miles, but the rain never let up for more than a few minutes at a time.

Then Saturday was spent traveling - to Mexico for the second annual VegNews vegan yoga retreat! I went last year, as well, and it's a great chance to rest and refresh when the rain has already started for the winter, before tax season starts. There are yoga classes twice a day and great vegan food (ok, my food-texture issues apply to some of it, but objectively it's great food, and I enjoyed more of it this year than I did last year). 

It's held at Haramara Retreat near Sayulita, Mexico. The only electricity is in the kitchen, so the guest casas are lit by kerosene lanterns and candles. It's right on the beach, nestled into the hillside in the jungle. I used my Garmin to measure the hilly path from the grande casa where I stayed to the restaurant, and it was 0.25 miles - so we estimated we walked at least 1 - 2 miles a day. More details and pictures to come soon.

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