Saturday, September 29, 2012


When I run, I always take an old driver's license with me. There are a couple issues with that though: 
(1) Although it would tell emergency personnel who I am, it doesn't give them any information to contact my family on my behalf. (2) If someone attacked me, they would then have my home address, and my house key. (Well, I don't know how legit that second fear is, but I read it somewhere and it seems rational to me.)

I've meaning for quite some time to get a RoadID bracelet, and finally ordered it yesterday! I picked the Wrist ID Slim, only $16. 

If you've been thinking about buying a RoadID, they thank their customers with a customized discount code for $1 off to pass on to friends:


This code can be used up to 20 times in the next 30 days.

Information engraved on my ID:
   Name (including middle initial) / year of birth
   Town, State
   Parents' home phone number
   Mom's cell phone number
   Penicillin allergy

Some notes from RoadID about what to include:

  • Put your full name, not nicknames, so your medical history can be more easily found.
  • Include year of birth, as it's helpful for medical personnel to know your approximate age, but full birthdate isn't necessary.
  • Town and state should be sufficient for authorities to look up additional information about you, including your full address if needed. 
  • Include at least two phone numbers for emergency contacts. Do not put your own phone number, since it won't be helpful for medical personnel to call your own cell phone when you're unconscious. Put contacts who are likely to answer their phones (e.g., I included my mom's cell, since she always has it on, but not my dad's cell, since he rarely uses it).
  • Allergies or similar medical history are crucial to include.

Enjoy your next run/walk/ride, and be safe!

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