Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week of March 14 - 20


Monday: Run 2.15 miles (11:51 pace)

Tuesday: Bike trainer 4.75 miles (14.2 mph, 65 rpm)

Wednesday: Rest day - massage

Thursday: Run 2.2 miles (13:04 pace)

Friday: Run 1.5 miles (13:30 pace)

Saturday: Unplanned rest day

Sunday: Walk 2.3 miles (17:03 pace)

I've been trying to talk my mom into doing (walking) Bloomsday - I finally convinced her to (though, we're not registered yet - I'd better get her officially committed soon!), but by agreeing to walk it with her, instead of running it myself. Although I believe I have an adequate overall fitness level, walking 7.5 miles (12k) is still going to use slightly different muscles than running. In case I wasn't already convinced of that - on Monday I'm now sore from this walk, which included a nice steep hill (to prepare for the Doomsday hill during Bloomsday). So I'm going to add in at least one long walk each week to help prepare myself for that.

Total running: 5.85 miles
Average daily steps: 7,342

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