Wednesday, January 6, 2016

World Forestry Center & Tilikum Crossing

The weekend after Christmas, I convinced Abe to accompany me on a couple outings to get in the last Portland bucket list activities for the year. 

On Saturday, we went to the World Forestry Center, which is in Washington Park by the zoo (so we were able to take the MAX in). To celebrate their 50th anniversary, there were reduced admissions prices ($5 for everyone), and they're staying at lower prices in the new year ($7 for adults). 

We spent about 90 minutes exploring; while it's set up for kids and families, it was still interesting to two adults. Even some of the activities presumably intended for kids could be still be enjoyed by us, and it was all very informative.

I think if you had kids with you doing more of the hands-on exhibits, you'd want to allow a bit more time (at least two hours), despite, what appeared to me, at least, to be a relatively small museum (and there wasn't even a temporary exhibit set up in the second half of the second floor while we were there). Definitely worth checking out for kids and adults.

Then the next morning, we went on a trip across Tilikum Crossing, a new non-car bridge that opened in Portland this past fall. It's part of the new orange MAX (light-rail) line (essentially an extension of the yellow) into SE Portland east of the river. It also has dedicated bicycle and pedestrian lines on both sides, and the orange line has had sidewalks and paths added along side or near it to make the whole area more walkable. 

We took the MAX (blue/red line) into downtown, then transferred to the orange line to make our initial voyage across the bridge! Then got off on the first stop after it, and used the ped path to run back across it and back into downtown to take the MAX home. It was easy to do! There was path across the bridge and into the Harbor Dr area, where we could have gotten onto the riverfront path, or taken a staircase up to Naito as we did to zigzag through the streets.

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