Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five: Vegan Snacks for the Super Bowl

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I'm almost done with the 22-day vegan challenge! On Sunday, if I want, I can eat aaalll the cheese and ice cream I want. Am I going to? Well, probably a little. We have some such products in the freezer to use up; and although going through something of a "boot camp" to force myself into finding the options has been useful, I think to keep it permanent, allowing it back in and more gradually phasing it out will also be beneficial. 

But, I still do want to continue seeking alternatives, especially when it comes to socially. I want to find restaurants that I go with options for me but without limiting the choices for omnivores in my life (plan to do a Friday Five for that sometime soon!), and I want to pick crowd pleasers to take to events that will please a mixed audience. Next big event? The Super Bowl of course! We're going to a get-together at my sister-in-laws, which will be mostly omnivores, and some gluten-free thrown in to boot. 

I want to take something vegan that I can enjoy with my newly adopted standards, but that isn't too far out there and can show others that vegan food can be great! (The cake that a veg-friendly coworker brought in for my birthday this week was a good example of that!) Good vegan food is basically an ambassador to this way of life.

Here are some sources for vegan superbowl snacks that I found to pick from.

1. Oh She Glows - The Big Vegan Super Bowl Recipe Round-Up

The warm vegveeta dip looks amazing!

2. Vegan Richa - 15 Healthy Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

Not sure if they fit the "an omnivore wouldn't find them weird" threshold, but the melty cashew mozzarella sticks are very intriguing. 

3. Veg Kitchen - 12 Easy and Fun Vegan Super Bowl Snacks

I'd like to try the artichoke and white bean dip - close enough to the real thing, I'm sure, but without subbing in anything too weird (tofu or a processed nondairy cheese or whatnot).

4. Running on Real Food - 14 Healthy(ish) Vegan Super Bowl Snacks

While not something that'd really be my favorite (vegan or not), the jalapeno poppers are something I think many people would love.

5. Veg News - Vegan Super Bowl Eats That are a Culinary Touchdown

I love the idea of the roasted red pepper dip - it's not trying to be a substitute for anything else, just a dip that happens to be vegan. 


  1. ooo great lists! i think i've already got my vegan super bowl menu down: buffalo cauliflower, bbq jackfruit sliders, pita pizza bites, veggies with guac and salsa, and fruit. but i may just have to add one of these dips hahaha

  2. I've also been wanting to make some cauliflower recipes! I'm not much into the superbowl but I'll find another excuse to make all the goodies!

  3. I love jalapeno poppers. My neighbor shared some with us last week and we gobbled them right up!


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