Tuesday, December 22, 2015

PRC Peacock Lane Run

The Peacock Lane run is a free run hosted each year by Portland Running Company (I meant to do it last year, but can't recall why I didn't!). No timing or anything, but a chance to run in a big group down to see the famous Christmas lights on one of their pedestrian-only nights. 

We got there a few minutes late, but my friend Karey was there and said the store was ridiculously packed, and about 5:00 people just started running. We got to the store, checked to see if she'd left yet, and headed out probably 10 minutes after. There were still a few stragglers, and we passed some walkers as we approached the lane. It wasn't as social of a run, but I think that might be better than being in the huge crowd! 

It was 2 miles each way to the lane (and I surprised myself at how fast I ran it - it was a comfortably hard pace trying to keep up with Abe, and ended up averaging just over 10:30 pace both ways!). So we got the lane just after 5:30, and realized all the runners were now standing around waiting for the lights to officially being at 6:00. (I'm not clear why not start at 5:30 to arrive right on time? Some would arrive after 6, but that's ok, the lights stay on for a while!)

We found Karey and chatted during the wait. There were some lights on early, but not everything, and the street wasn't totally cleared of cars until the 6:00 start time. Then, we got to head down and enjoy the view! There was no running here - not only a lot of people on the PRC run, but lots of other pedestrians (this weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, were pedestrian only nights, with the street closed to traffic. Normally, cars can (slowly) drive down to view the lights, while walkers stay on the sidewalk.). We took about 10 minutes to walk the 4 blocks (about 0.15 of a mile). 

I have to admit I was teensy bit underwhelmed (I'm not even sure what I expected, to be underwhelmed compared to, though), but it was still cool to see the lights at least once! I think I saw one house that wasn't decorated, but everything else was lit up to varying degrees, many with some sort of theme. 

We ran the 2 miles back to the PRC store, where there was hot cocoa, beer, and cookies! It was fun after to be back in a crowd of runners and enjoying a warm, festive atmosphere. (The rain held off just long enough! There were sprinkles as we were coming around the last block at the end.) I don't think I'll do this every year, but it was fun to do once! I think walking would definitely be the best way to see the lights at Peacock Lane (I can't imagine driving down the 4 blocks at 2 mph - definitely park somewhere and walk it!).

Peacock Lane Run 2015

(This seems to be taking a minute to fully load, but it's a slideshow!) 

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