Tuesday, December 29, 2015

October PDX Restaurant: Sweet Hereafter


Genre: Bar, with some hippie bowl influence on the food menu

Price: $8 - $10 cocktails, $2 - $4 beers/cans $2 - $5 apps and sides, $7 - $9 entrees

Setting: Vintage-y, rustic-y bar

There are vintage-type posters and things. A dimly lit (so, apologies, the photos are even worse quality than usual!), definitely bar atmosphere. 

There was a lamp on the counter where we sat that Abe thinks might legitimately have once been his dad's! It looks like one he had when he was a kid, and his dad got rid of it a couple years ago in a move. 

What we tried

To drink, I had the Pioneer (gin and blood orange soda), and Abe had a Cock-n-bull ginger beer. Both good!

For dinner, I got the caprese panini. It's made with Chao cheese, which I don't think I've ever had before - it melted well and had a nice texture! I'm always a bit wary of vegan cheese, I think Daiya is the most common in restaurants that have a vegan option and I've not been impressed with it, but I liked this one. 

Abe tried the Eastern bowl when he was there with me, and the Thai bowl on a more recent visit with friends (plus the Blenheim's ginger beer on the second visit). He liked both. The Eastern bowl has nutritional yeast breaded tofu - a twist on more typical tofu preparation in bowls. 

Overall impression: It was good! Fun drinks, but reasonably healthy (yet interesting) vegan food options.

Would I take my parents?*: Heck no. But primarily because of the bar aspect. Foodwise, while it wouldn't be their favorite, I think they could find something reasonably acceptable.

*Scale: Heck no. No. Probably not. Maybe. Eh, yeah. Yes. Definitely. 

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