Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Week


Monday: Run 1 mile (11:21 pace) + bike trainer 7.2 miles (14.3 mph, 65 rpm)

Tuesday: Run 1 mile (9:41 pace)

Wednesday: Run 2.6 miles (11:43 pace) + bike trainer 15.0 miles (14.9 mph, 68 rpm)

Thursday: Yoga class (90 min) + run 2.8 miles (11:26 pace)

The run was 0.9 warm-up/cool-downs and a mile time trial, just to see where things were post-marathon, with just HR/aerobic training and no speedwork. I got 8:27 - not too far off my best (during marathon taper, 8:18); pretty good, in my opinion, all things considered! If I did some speedwork I think getting to a sub-8 wouldn't be too ridiculously far off. 

Friday: Run 1 mile (12:20 pace)

Saturday: Run 3.1 miles (12:21 pace) + bike trainer 11.0 miles (16.4 mph, 75 rpm)

Sunday: Run 2.0 miles (11:08 pace) + run 2.05 miles (11:25 pace) + bike trainer 5.1 miles (15.0 mph, 69 rpm)

The first run segment on Sunday was over Tilikum Crossing - the new (as of September) non-car bridge. It has MAX train, bus, bike, and pedestrian lanes. 

Total biking: 38.3 miles
Total running: 15.55 miles

Taking a week off from weights as it would have been a bit hard to fit in, despite theoretically having extra time (though I didn't have much time off for Christmas - we have to do year-end tax planning, and then I jump right into busy season with a fiscal year client whose return is due in January - but I only had to work Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday I was on the clock but at home doing a self-study CPE course). Off on Thursday and Friday but family in town and family things to attend, and some events on the weekend. 


  1. You did good! Even though I have off all week (more time to workout),I am finding other ways to fill that time and have run once yet. So bad I know!

    1. I still feel like I could have fit more in (I did have 4 full days off work in a row, after all!), but pretty happy with what I did do. :)


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