Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Five: Things I Love

Linking up today with MarCynthia, and Courtney for Friday Five. Today's theme is "Things I love" - while I think it's permissible to go off the topic of running, I thought I'd see what came to mind of things I love for running.

1. Race medals that are necklaces. Ever so proud of a race that you wish you could walk around work the next day wearing the medal (without looking like a socially unaware fool, that is)? If the medal is a necklace, you can! I have two from my Portland Marathons (which are actually replicas of the full size medal also given), as well as two from the Hippie Chick Half Marathons I've done (which actually are the medal itself, not in addition to). You'd better believe I wore the marathon necklace every day the subsequent week. 

2. Headphones that allow in ambient noise. I have ones by Yurbuds from Target. Rather than noise blocking, they actually allow in noise, such as traffic, to make it safer to run with headphones by allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings. It can be annoying, too, such as when it's windy and that's the noise rushing in on top of what I'm trying to listen to, but I know they're a great way to balance entertainment and awareness.

3. Anything with zippered pockets. Right now, I'm running in some shorts from Target (from the summer season - I got one more pair on clearance this week for $6!); I also have some capris for the upcoming colder weather (that I've had for years! they're holding up well) from Lucy. I do not comprehend the little pockets in the waistband that some clothing items have that are open on top and are supposed to be feasible for carrying a key. Maybe (ok, definitely) I can be a bit paranoid, but no way would I trust a key not to bounce out of that somewhere on my run.

4. Long sleeve shirts with thumbholes. Thumbholes are so cozy and just the best as the weather starts getting chilly. Even my arm warmers have thumbholes. Keep your hands warm, without totally losing your hands up your sleeves. 

5. Road ID. If you notice the teal band that's always showing in my Garmin pics - that's my Road ID. It has emergency contact info just in case. Anyone who goes out to exercise on their own should have one. When I updated mine a while back to include Abe (had one with my parents as the contact prior to meeting him), I also got one for him. It took me a while to nag him enough to remember to put it on - so now he started wearing it literally all the time, which is weird and annoying to me (it's like leaving the label on a storage container - which he does as well - it's important when it needs to be there, but it doesn't need to be there all the time), but, hey, at least that means he's also wearing it on the bike!


  1. So you received a necklace for finishing a race instead of a medal? Or did you get a replica made into a necklace? Either way I think that's a great idea. Bc medals just get hung up and whose seeing those.

    1. Both! There's one race I've done that gives out the necklace instead of a regular medal. And then there's another race (Portland Marathon) that give you a regular medal, and then also gives you a little replica of it that's a charm type setup/size so you can put it on a chain for a necklace.

  2. I've never heard of a race necklace! That sounds amazing!!

    And I'm with you on the Road ID. I love how many cute colors they come in and how many different accessories there are to decorate them.


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