Monday, October 26, 2015

NROLFW Phase 5 Week 2


Monday: Run 3.55 miles (13:03 pace) + NROLFW phase 5 workout A

Tuesday am: Bike trainer 2.5 miles (10.8 mph)
Tuesday pm: Yoga video (25 min)

Wednesday: Run 3.55 miles (13:36 pace) + bike trainer 5.6 miles (11.1 mph)

Thursday: Ballet class (75 min) + run 2.15 miles (10:29 pace)

I know consistency is important for HR/aerobic training, but I needed a good endorphin-producing run this day. Glad to see I still have some ability for speed!

Friday: Swim 1,500 yards + bike trainer 6.15 miles (12.2 mph, 69 rpm)

Saturday: Run 6.7 miles (14:11 pace) + NROLFW phrase 5 workout B

Sunday: Run 2.5 miles (13:00 pace)

Total swimming: 1,500 yards
Total biking: 14.25 miles
Total running: 18.45 miles

While I'm more than on track to hit my running goal for the year (1,000 miles), there's no way I'd meet my original swim and biking goals, so I've modified that to 35 miles (57,750 yards) and 500 miles. Still a bit challenging for weekly amounts to make that, but totally doable, and a motivation to get to the pool and on the bike a bit more often than I would otherwise.

Running is fun right now, despite not doing much in the way of speed. Depending on the day, the defined HR range is sometimes easy to stay under and sometimes difficult, but generally relaxing and enjoyable as I keep up my leisurely pace and listen to podcasts (still catching up on Gilmore Guys). I don't have a weekly mileage goal, and I'm just setting my long run by a rule of thumb I've heard of not running longer than twice the distance of your longest mid-week run. 

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