Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Five: Race Swag

Linking up today with Mar on the Run, et. al. for Friday Five. Today's theme is Race Swag. In thinking about it, I realized that the races I do rarely give out any swag beyond the typical t-shirt (though I have gotten some nice shirts that I like and use frequently). I did get a champagne glass (with a free mimosa at the end of the race!) at the Hop Hop Half, but that's the only extra free swag I can think of.

Occasionally, though, I'll buy extra swag to commemorate a special race, or just because I like it. Here's my favorites.

1. Bloomsday souvenir shirts. The big deal is the finisher shirts - you only get them at the finish line. While nice enough (especially for such a cheap race), they're standard cotton (so not going to wear for running), unisex (so not going to wear for casual wear) t-shirts. So they're just folded in a drawer, worn once the afternoon after the race and never again. (Maybe sometime to be made into a quilt?)

I do, however, buy each year's commemorative souvenir shirt, and each year I've looked at it and thought it's the neatest shirt - and then the next year think the same thing of the new one!

2013, 2014, 2015

2. FT Flat 13.1 hat. Branded for the 2012 Foot Traffic Flat Half (my second half marathon), I actually bought this on clearance at my next race, the 2012 Holiday Half (before the race started), because it was cold and rainy and windy, so a cap with a brim was a necessity. I'm not a big hat person (hence not owning one to just bring in the first place), but I do use this on a fairly regular basis for rainy or overly sunny runs. 

3. Hood to Coast leg-specific tee. At the big exchanges (where vans exchange), they have branded gear for sale. We were early at the first one, so browsing and realized they had shirts for each runner. I believe they'd had a social media contest earlier in the summer to come up with the slogan for each shirt. Runner 8's shirt "run dirty" is a reference to leg 20, run all on a curvy gravel-covered country road. 

4. TRI Team. Not "swag" per se (though I do have swag from the team - water bottle, swim cap, shirt), but a purchase related to doing the Aluminum Man sprint triathlon. Definitely a valuable benefit in preparing for the race.

5. Portland marathon sweatshirt. It's super cozy and comfy, and I bought it at the expo for my first marathon. Enough said, I think.


  1. that sweatshirt looks super cozy! have a great weekend!

  2. That sweatshirt looks great. And buying something for your first marathon is definitely important !

    1. Right?! Totally need to commemorate it!


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